Give me some non-traditional advice. I've heard to be sure to communicate. Tell me all the rest of the advice. Countdown is 20 days.
  1. Always Be Considerate
    When you choose a restaurant, sheets, a movie, etc. if both of you always consider one another's wants, needs, likes, dislikes, abilities and son, you'll be okay.
    Suggested by @mmthompson
  2. Have some time apart
    It doesn't have to be much but a couple hours a week where you can watch a tv show the other doesn't like or eat a meal that includes something they don't like, you need to have that, without guilt.
    Suggested by @mmthompson
  3. Be best friends and be lovers.
    Remember that your husband is your best friend and your true love. Sometimes it's good to plan romantic dates and sometimes it's good to hang out and gossip. Keep both aspects of your relationship strong! PS: Marriage rocks. I'm so excited for you!
    Suggested by @narniashamrock
  4. I've learned it is important to find weekly activities to do together other than just watching tv (which is still fun too!) But whether it be board games, exercising, hikes, etc... Incorporating extra things like this into your weekly routine keeps the partnership active and engaged.
    Suggested by @serpentspass