iOS 10 Thought

This is unintentionally also a note folded into the shape of a heart that is kind of an "I like you" note to Lisa Frank.
  1. I have just one thought on iOS 10 that I feel is worthy of adding to a list.
  2. With the addition of stickers, they have brought us plenty of fun pictures to add to iMessages.
    I like the Mario ones.
  3. I also like these.
  4. The real question is...
  6. For the uninitiated or people who have blocked out Lisa Frank...
  7. This is a small selection of the Lisa Frank collection of school supplies loved by all girls through the 80s, 90s, and today.
  8. Look at that cosmic sundae!
  9. Princess kitty cat.
  10. I had this one on a folder.
  11. This was my notebook cover.
    I suspect that the hours I spent looking at it during language arts and social studies classes spurred my love for the Northern Lights.
  12. So thank you, Lisa Deborah Frank, for having this wonderful company.
    You are the best when it comes to school supplies for young girls and grown women of all ages.
  13. Truly though, Apple, you should get in touch with Lisa Frank and supply us with some Lisa Frank iMessage stickers.
  14. And here's one more for posterity.
  15. AN UPDATE ON MY LOVE FOR LISA FRANK: For Christmas I ordered my sister this calendar. Can't wait! Can't wait! (I can't wait mostly because I ordered one for myself as well!!! 🎄🤘🏻)