1. So we moved out of our first apartment today.
  2. There are some things to pick up tomorrow, but for the most part, it's all done.
  3. I'm having such little feeling about leaving it, because we had a lot of frustrations with the apartment.
    For example, we didn't have working hot water in the kitchen for a month and a half when we first moved in. I get angry just thinking about that.
  4. Our bathroom was small and had problems with the shower draining, so I always hated that.
  5. Our new apartment is nice, new, and has a really pretty pool.
  6. I can't wait to move there. Until then, we are back home with my parents. So much of our stuff is in my bedroom that it is overwhelming. Luckily my husband rented a storage unit too.
  7. Two weeks until we move.
  8. ON THE OTHER HAND, leaving my teaching job was SO SAD. As the girls left, I was crying as they walked down the hall for the last time this year. They kept saying goodbye to me, and I kept quietly crying.
  9. I just really, really love my job.
  10. Even on my worst days, I am fulfilled by teaching on many levels.
  11. I will miss my students. I will miss my coworkers. I will not miss the crappy bathroom in my first married-life apartment.
  12. Bye for now!