Blah blah blah.
  1. I'm sick with a cold that has settled in my ears.
    This never ends well.
  2. Since moving to Ohio, I have allergies. My allergies are acting up in addition to my cold.
    My throat itches. Why can't I scratch the inside of my throat????
  3. We had a meeting today that was most of the day, which would be okay if my nose could keep it together, but no. No. It could not.
  4. My nose ran the whoooooole time. THE WHOLE TIME.
  5. In addition to my cold and allergies, I'm dog sitting for my parents. One dog keeps breaking into the garden to eat unripe tomatoes. Why? Who knows.
  6. It's so hot here right now.
  7. I feel so crabby.
  8. I know my day isn't really that bad, and could be so, so much worse, but I just feel really yucky.
  9. It's too hot even to nap.
    My laugh isn't one of victory. It's one borne from uncomfortable feelings all over my body.