These are from a class of 19, with ninth to twelfth graders. At the beginning of the term, many of the students were terrified to speak publicly. A lot of progress has been made.
  1. "Why I Hate Frozen"
    Assignment: Persuasive speech. The class went nuts first because in an all girls school, everyone loves Frozen. Then they went nuts because the speech was HILARIOUS and the girl had slides and graphs to support her thesis.
  2. "A Eulogy for My Fish"
    Assignment: Entertainment speech. This was hilarious. It was given by a girl who normally is very serious. While she values all lives, she rocked this with deadpan and a dramatic telling of how her family forgot to heat the backyard koi pond. I had to pause the timer so the class could laugh. Rest in peace, Cocoa Marie, the fish.
  3. "How to Make Jello"
    Assignment: How to speech. This was given by the shyest student in class. She gave a rousing speech on how to make Jello and even served Jello at the end. I'm not sure why it was so funny, but her enthusiasm about Jello and its many flavors sticks in my memory.
  4. "Happy Birthday"
    Assignment: Entertainment speech. A girl in class wrote her speech to her best friend, also in the class. She didn't tell her and it was a true surprise. She spoke from the heart, and both girls cried during the speech. It was wonderful to see such friendship. The speaker also made cupcakes. That was pretty cool too.
  5. A Reading of MLK's "A Letter from Birmingham Jail"
    Assignment: Manuscript reading. For this assignment, students had to pick a well known speech and mark and read the speech. This rendition of MLK's open letter on nonviolent resistance was chilling for the entire class. The speaker's passion and feeling poured into the speech made it one to remember.