A photo list + where they're from. I like art. I keep coming home with art. My husband keeps finding places for it to go.
  1. I got this at a store in Maryland. It takes up a whole wall in my living room.
  2. Sorry they're cut off. My dad found these in a consignment store. He loved them. My mom didn't. I got them. They remind me of the town I grew up in.
  3. Dining room. I don't remember how it came into my possession.
  4. Also dining room. My best friend painted this for me! Haruki Murakami is one of my favorite authors. Thanks @DarjeelingJim.
  5. My grandparents gave these to me. My nickname as a child was "Bunny", so they thought that the women tending to the giant bunny in the left print reminded them of me. So here they are. Also in the dining room.
  6. Bathroom! Great Marshall's find. The first thing my husband hung on a wall in our apartment.
  7. Our bedroom. I got this (and the next paintings) from an antique store in Maryland. I liked this because it looks like my husband and I are in the painting.
  8. Bedroom also. I love looking at these. The frames are painted with the tiniest strip of green the whole way around and the paintings are beautiful.