We put our two and a half year old cat to sleep recently. Feline leukemia is a sad thing to behold.
  1. We found him on the side of the road. He was four weeks old. Tiny, tiny and sick. He was running as fast as he could down a four lane road into really busy traffic. He scream-meowed when my mom picked him up.
    That's what he looked like right when we picked him up.
  2. He had fleas. I had to wash him in vinegar, because he was too young for flea treatment. This is where his name came from.
  3. He once climbed the screen door all the way to the top and yelled at us until we helped him down.
    I regret not getting a picture of this. Instead here's the face he made when he meowed and also panted.
  4. He was afraid of a stuffed panda, but not of huge, alive dogs. I don't know why.
  5. He wore a tie for Christmas.
  6. He had great ear hair.
    I called him an old man regularly.
  7. He had hearing loss, but would pretend he didn't. It was awesome because he would ignore loud noises but would casually scan the room like he was listening.
  8. He played with my bed-ridden grandma who has dementia and she always asked about him.
  9. He let me rub his belly even when he didn't want me to, if he knew I needed it.
  10. He was an amazing cat. We had him cremated and put in a nice box so he can move in our first apartment with us once we are married.
  11. One more picture for posterity.
    He tolerated a lot of pictures.