1. Harry Potter
    I have done a lot of rereads. ❤️⚡️
  2. Pokémon.
    I've caught them all.
  3. Paul Simon
    I have listed about Paul Simon a couple of times! I've also seen him in concert three times.
  4. I just asked my husband about what I know a lot about. His response was "1970s music".
  5. Hamilton the musical
  6. As a result of the previous item, I've relearned a lot of stuff about...
    The American Revolution! I'm not mad about it.
  7. Swimming! Also dogs!
    I swam for many years. Additionally, I learned all of the AKC dog breeds when I was in third grade because my sister had a really great book about them.
  8. Young adult literature.
    Forgive the semi-stock photo that is not of my own collection, but I'm listing from a passenger seat of a car right now. I read a lot of YA. Most recently, I read @sarahdessen's Once and For All (I broke it up into segments to make it last through the summer. So great!) and reread Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl.
  9. I can also talk extensively about how I feel that women are forced to purchase mediocre shoes because someone somewhere decided that women want quantity over quality in their clothing and shoes. This is really irritating. I like a well made shoe SO MUCH. I am willing to pay more for shoes that last and last.
  10. Snoopy
    I chose this Snoopy because it is my baby blanket that I still have! This photo is not representative of what my oldest Snoopy looks like. He has been through the ringer. The next youngest blanket like this that I have is from when I turned 16. Anyway, I love Snoopy and everything from his world.
  11. These are my things. I also have a lot of opinions on soup and will probably list about that one day.
  12. Disney
    Movies, theme parks, shows (from when I was growing up), I love them all.
  13. Daria
    I'm going to list about my love for Daria one of these days.
  14. Bye bye for now!