My grandma has dementia. I'm sitting while her while my grandpa is at a doctor's appointment right now. Here's what we've talked about.
  1. "I remember a lot of things."
    She remembers telling me to quiet down when I was little. I am glad she remembers this. However, looking at this without context, it sounds menacing and that's funny, because she's not menacing.
  2. "When will he be back?"x5
    They've been married for 65 years. I like that she asks this, even though she immediately forgets that I don't know when he'll be back.
  3. "Can I have a tissue?"
    She can't get out of bed, so I got one for her. She has allergies. I too have allergies. We both sneeze a lot.
  4. "Where does she [my yorkie] like to be pet?"
    My yorkie stays with my grandparents a lot, because she's pretty low maintenance and she brings them so much joy. The yorkie is pointedly ignoring us right now though, so while she likes to be pet on her back, under her arm pits, and behind her ears, we get to pet her nowhere because she's on the chair in the living room snoring like a buzz saw.
  5. My grandma fell asleep, so she hasn't said anything for awhile now, which is why I wrote this list.