I've certainly had significantly worse weeks than this one.
  1. Low: started this week with three migraine days.
  2. Low: long (2.5 hours after a full day) meeting on goal setting.
  3. Low: proctoring standardized tests for three and a half hours.
  4. Medium: husband is out of town, so I get to sleep in starfish mode tonight, but at the cost of him being out of town.
    This photo is an approximation of me sleeping tonight.
  5. High: receiving a REALLY NICE parent email saying that her child really enjoyed my class.
  6. High: email from a coworker who also attended long meeting telling me that my ideas were good (!) and that I led the meeting well (!).
    I work with a lot of really qualified educators, so this was really nice. Acknowledgment from coworkers and parents is a neat thing.
  7. High: a jeans day on Friday! (We don't get jeans days often)
  8. I hope you're all doing okay out there, fellow listers.