1. So my students are graduating next week.
  2. I've known these girls for awhile now.
  3. And I keep thinking that their guardians must be so proud.
  4. Some students have been successful all through school.
  5. Some are just hitting their strides.
  6. Some are trying their hardest and doing just okay.
  7. Regardless, they're graduating.
  8. Even in today's job market, the symbol of graduation is still a powerful one.
  9. I want to weep for them.
  10. They hold so much promise and talent and greatness.
  11. I care so much about them. I want them to fly far and change the world.
  12. I am so, so immensely proud of the people they have become.
  13. Anyway, I thought all of this while eating Wendy's because I love Wendy's and also I love the month of May. Such promise.
  14. Hope you're all having a good month too.
  15. Bye bye for now.