1. So I got married two weeks ago today!
  2. While on our honeymoon, we had no wifi and no working television.
  3. As a practice, I avoid my phone when trying to be "in the moment".
  4. So I avoided the news of the world's events for a week.
  5. But I'm back now.
  6. And everything happened.
  7. And things keep happening.
  8. And ignorance is no longer unavoidable.
  9. So I feel scared, starting a life with someone. The possibility of us having children (thankfully, luckily) exists. The possibility of us bringing a child into this place, with all of this turmoil and upheaval all over the world is frightening.
  10. And I am privileged in my life. I know that. I have a home, job, and support system.
  11. I just feel so heavy. Reality is so heavy right now.
  12. I'm looking on the bright side of life, I am, but it's still scary and confused out in the world right now.