I keep many books going at once. This is both a blessing and a curse.
  1. Modern Lovers - Emma Straub
    So far, so good. Solid character development without it being in my face. Also, the main characters are named Elizabeth and Andrew, which is neat because they're married and my husband and I are named Elizabeth and Andrew!
  2. The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss
    Book two of the Kingkiller Chronicles. I'm dragging my feet on it because I don't want to finish the book too soon and wait until the next one comes out. I'm hooked on the narrator's story.
  3. Attachments - Rainbow Rowell
    I'm always rereading a Rowell book. They're what I turn to in the night when I can't sleep.
  4. The View from the Cheap Seats - Neil Gaiman
    I'm a really, really big Gaiman fan. I have this in print and audio, because I like him so much. Listening to him read his own work is on another level for me.
  5. Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
    I'm listening to the audio of this and Wil Wheaton reads it, which is really weird, kind of, because he sounds so cocky and it makes me laugh. I feel as though I'm riding in a car next to him while I'm listening to him read.