Inspired by all of you folks who have matured.
  1. So basically, I used to look for smart guys who liked to make me feel bad while they felt good about themselves. This went on for too many years. Oh man. I also really liked guys who were valedictorians of their graduating classes. 🙄
  2. Entertainingly enough, I found a note I posted on Facebook (thanks On This Day feature 🙄) many years ago. I said I wanted a tall guy, blue eyes, and dark hair.
    I am a leftie, so I wanted someone left-handed.
  3. I dated a version of that, but he was a 🐍.
  4. I dated another version of that note's dream guy and married him.
  5. I know I talk about my husband a lot, but he is something spectacular. My life has been not always easy or okay. He helps me work towards being okay every day of our marriage.
  6. He is the best person for me.
    He's real cute too.
  7. Just this evening, I offered him a box of 24 knuckle sandwiches for lunch while we're moving this weekend and he gladly accepted while I laughed way too hard.
    I told him I wasn't unpacking any boxes, except for the one containing the sandwiches.
  8. He is a good egg. He is, however, right-handed. 🤷🏼‍♀️