Or...how I wanted to challenge living daily
  1. A mermaid, age 4
    I really liked (and still like) swimming under water. This translated into me wanting to develop a mermaid fin, grow my hair long, and wear a shell bikini top.
  2. An angel, age 4
    I wasn't sure the logistics or where I would apply, but I wanted the long gown and wind blowing through my hair.
  3. A tight rope walker, age 5-6
    In kindergarten, all of my friends were telling the teacher what they wanted to be (a teacher) and I thought that was SO DUMB. Five year old me chose a tight rope walker because of the sequins. I later learned I was afraid of heights. My dream fell apart soon after that.
  4. A professional waterskiier, age 10-12
    I would still do this. This is a definite possibility, if I end up getting a boat and more free time. Also: more talent. Waterskiing is a hobby, not a profession for me, I guess. One can hope though.
  5. A chef, age 12-13
    I went to cooking classes! I wore an apron! I made baked chicken! I then realized that I didn't like a wide variety of food and had a real situation with lactose.
  6. A teacher (this is what I actually am; that worked out!!), age 15
    I came to terms with teaching in high school. I had motivating teachers and after the dream of tight rope walking died, teaching didn't seem so lame. It's suited me well so far.