again..eclectic list of jobs just like my photos and musical tastes
  1. Retirement center waitress..first and worst job. " do you want the #1 entree or #2? What side would you like with that? Soup or salad? Dressing? Drink? Arggghh
  2. Teach tennis to kids at summer camp
    Hot hot zinc oxide Hot forehand backhand run to net volley overhead run to back of kids in line repeat. 100 times a day
  3. Pet care technician at pet motel
    Tried to take a rabbit for a walk by putting a leash on it. Rabbits don't like leashes. Could have ended much worse. Also do not drink onfriday night when you have to scoop poop out of 50 cages at 7am Saturday morning
  4. McDonald's drive thru
    3 out of every 5 cars occupants are drink or stoned
  5. Spech therapist at nursing home.
    Men who are in a wheelchair and generally move very slow can move fast to lunge across the table to feel you up.