a child of the 60s..teenager in the 70s
  1. The Monkees
    My dad brought it home for me...loved those goofballs
  2. Alvin and the chipmonks Christmas album
    Still have it..it is red vinyl!!!
  3. Carole King Tapestry
    Every song better than the one before it..both sides
  4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    My dad almost made me take it back because the song The bitch is back was on it..thankfully my mom intervened. Funeral for a friend is a masterpiece
  5. TOMMY...
    Still know all the words. My brother just saw the Who in concert and he knew all the words to all the TOMMY songs through the phenomenon known as forced big sister record playing osmosis
  6. Tom Petty everything
    Soundtrack to this native Floridian, Gator loving all American girls life.