so everything artsy.
  1. Moonstruck
    Every little Italian family detail just perfect and the cast is understatedly amazing
  2. Butch Cassidy and Sundance kid
    Robert and Paul wearing cowboy boots and hat's. Nuff said
  3. Across the universe
    Too many people still have not seen this movie. Julie Taymor, the Beatles music woven together to create a great plot centered around Lucy, Jude, Vietnam war and the 60's. Add some edibles and off you go Across a magical Universe.
  4. Victor /Victoria
    Way ahead of it's time...a woman pretending to be a man..pretending to be a woman????
  5. 10
    Iconic Bo Derek made white girls think they could rock cornrows.
  6. Men in Black 3 Ending is so unexpected and I sob for an hour.
  7. Sunset Boulevard
    I'm waiting for my close up Mr DeMille.
  8. Jesus Christ Superstar
    When I was a kid I used to assign out parts to my friends and we would sing along to the album into a taperecorder
  9. zootopia
    So funny on about 5 different levels all while addressing important current social issues...for kids..and ignorant grown ups too.