I am a pop culture TV freak.3 channel choices, no remote and waiting all year for the Wizard of Oz and The Grinch build character in a kid.
  1. Lost in Space
    I always wanted one of those chimps with donkey ears
  2. Flipper
    When I was 6 we went to the keys and went to a water park where the dolphin who played Flipper was kept. I got to jump in (at 6 yrs old))? #mymomthecoolestmom and hold into her dorsal fun and ride across the pond. Boy were the rules different then
  3. The Monkees
    dreamy Davy Jones...Tom Petty covers their songs and STILL plays them on his buried treasure show
  4. The Banana Splits
    La la la lalalala one banana two banana three banana four....
  5. Penelope pitstop
  6. Dark shadows
    At night I pulled the sheets up to my neck and would not dangle any body parts off the bed. And Quentin was HOT
  7. Carol Burnett
    My comedy hero. Never ever missed her show. Hoping Maya and Marty have success with their show
  8. SNL
    Ok so did not watch this with the parents but hey....This was the antiparental unit show.
  9. Knots Landing
    Valene and those twins..now that was must see TV