Not all Cokes are the same. A really good one is to be enjoyed and is a treat, not a daily beverage you drink mindlessly. It may be noted that I grew up in Atlanta.
  1. Fountain Coke
    Coke from a fountain machine has the best carbonation/syrup ratio. Those in fast food restaurants, movie theaters and convenience stores seem to be extra good. Must drink through a straw.
  2. Mexican Coke in a glass bottle, well chilled
    The real sugar. The glass bottle on your lips. Do not even think about pouring this in a glass or over ice.
  3. Coke Icee
    A frozen Coke is the best afternoon treat on a hot afternoon. Bonus if it came from the front of a K-mart in 1987.
  4. Coke in a can or bottle
    It's ok in a pinch but still reminds me of drinking mildly warm after a dance class or swim meet. Not so much enjoyed as inhaled. And not fully satisfying.
  5. Two liter Coke
    Always flat.
  6. New Coke
    Remember that? Only on the list because my mom gave us a taste test of New Coke and Coke Classic in Dixie cups when we got home from school one day. Coke Classic won, of course. I just remember what a fun surprise her game was.
  7. All low calorie/caffeine free Cokes
    What's the point?
  8. Pepsi