1. The drinks beforehand at Absinthe
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  2. My date, and boss, Annie
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    Best boss ever
  3. The welcome video
    Unexpected and good call.
  4. @mindy's dress
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    And shoes!
  5. The signed book every guest received
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  6. Running into our family pediatrician
    Hey, Dr. Branco.
  7. Michael Lewis's feet
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    What's going on here, Mikey?
  8. Michael Lewis. Period.
    Awkward. Adorable. Even the Woody Allen tangent was forgivable.
  9. @bjnovak's appearance
    Saved a very brutal round of audience Q&A. I didn't take this picture, but appreciate the stalker who did.
  10. @mindy's poise, humor, and graciousness
    Funny lady. Good person. Well done.
  11. The sketchy Hayes Valley parking but no parking ticket!