images II

borrowed/captured inspiration
  1. composition, palette, next haircut
  2. abstract cool. sketchable
  3. saved for the frame Florine Stettheimer "Portrait of Marcel Duchamp and Rrose Sélavy," 1923, Oil on canvas, frame composed of Duchamp's monogram by the artist (TheJewishMuseum)
  4. everything
  5. comfy
    source unintentionally not saved
  6. lines & curves
  7. a reminder to follow... bug love
  8. canvas/wall art
  9. sketchable
  10. a perfect selfie
  11. soo sweet... obsessed (a someday must do)
  12. relevant. current. mood
  13. a dream
  14. obsessed with this insta... as in, SOOOO obsessed "skin is the new canvas"
  15. one of my very favorite things... when two extremes collide/combine. delicate sweet porcelain + fck u gruesome words = a perfectly balanced vibe
  16. vinyl art love
    "Weezer - Pinkerton (1996, this release 2016 VMP Ltd Ed Blue Marble vinyl)" IG @rbradford2204
  17. everything
  18. random find... that i may or may not have a need to duplicate for a few friends who wouldn't think twice or hesitate in placing these blatantly discreet words on the windshield of another
  19. sketchable
  20. a cool diy
  21. a dream
    "The Trinity College Library, designed by Thomas Burgh. Dublin Ireland
  22. lines/design
    Jean Prouvé; 'Rare Chaise Dactylo CD11', 1944
  23. palette, ballet boots
  24. sketchable
  25. everything
  26. angles & lines... spectacular
    "The French Pavillion at the Venice Biennale has been transformed into a live recording studio by artist @xavier_veilhan and co-curator Christian Marclay"
  27. next sketch
    "The study room of the Brigasso Project designed by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects Located in Switzerland 🇨🇭 Photographed by James Silverman 📷"
  28. iridescent bug love
    unknown source
  29. must see/to do
  30. sketchable
    unsaved source (sorry)
  31. a pretty pink floral drink taste desire... somewhere in japan
  32. pencil + paper + line love
    "Shortly after Donald Judd moved to Marfa he began to design desks, shelves, tables, and chairs. Carpenters from Marfa, namely the brothers Celedonio and Alfredo Mediano and later Ramon Nuñez and his team, constructed Judd’s furniture designs. At this time, Judd’s primary design concerns were the quality of wood and the reasonableness of forms as articulated by the standardization of cuts of one-by-twelves."
  33. borrowed sunday daydream image... La Corniche, Marseille France
  34. random google grab... on my way to get my hair chopped off
  35. skin as canvas. inspiration always. sketchable
    IG @hayettmccarthy
  36. style & earlier hair chop motivation/inspiration
    georgia graham IG @bfg_graham
  37. twitter grab... unfamiliar artist, need to research
  38. sketchable
  39. everything
  40. palette, blue outlines & hands study