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borrowed/captured inspiration (7.16.2017... i currently have 1592 images saved on my phone & at least 85% of those images are screen shots. recently i downloaded them to my laptop but i couldn't delete them from my phone... i had anxiety over the thought of... i must find some sort of comfort in knowing captured inspiration is always nearby🤷🏻‍♀️
  1. everything... as in, e v e r y t h i n g
  2. simple, clean... curves, lines & leather
  3. random fun... a diy plan
  4. love the aesthetics & was curious about the location tag...
  5. location hashtag👆🏼... in awe. i want it, i need to visit, but not until winter time🙃
  6. nude hue love
  7. classic. sketchable
    Wilhelmina Cooper, Sharon Tate, Josephine Attominoff, and Jean Shrimpton, 1967.
  8. package envy. diy plan
  9. perfect painting attire
  10. distressed muted pink love... found on an over the weekend neighborhood walk
  11. lunar love/moon phase love
  12. i prefer dogs over cats but for some reason i have a thing for masked cat women. sketchable
  13. masked cat woman #2... fairly certain there is a link somewhere to the actual photographer (this image is all over the place) but i'm too lazy to look for it right now. sorry🙃
  14. a creative man + the ocean's sand... abstract summer love
  15. in my dreams (video)... Chinon, Centre, France
  16. perfect everything... shadows included
  17. so weird, soo good... hands, veins, composition, rings, words (click thru). everything love
  18. in love with this IG post/story... passion is the root of everything. i love feeling it, i love when it renders my mind blind to reality, i love when it debilitates my soul and i hope i never ever release it, lose sight of it or let go of this all- encompassing, awe-inspiring, raw, vulnerable emotion that allows me to create heartfelt art
    the moon, patti smith & sam shephard... "Sam was a hero of mine. A few years ago I was lucky to spend a day with him in Santa Fe watching him write. He had a crescent moon tattooed on his left hand that he would rub while he looked out the window thinking. Then he'd turn back to his typewriter and strike the keys with incredible force and precision" the tattoo story... the IG story...
  19. an accidental twitter find i just fell in love with and i wasn't much of a carrot cake person prior to reading this article (link included) but now i have a strong desire/need to duplicate this particular recipe... i love when life and/or fate and/or a tweet delivers the nourishment my body, mind and/or soul needs
    "I don’t know if anyone has ever hypothesized or written about the correlation between nostalgia and a haunting, but I would bet that the two are synonymous, or at least closely connected. A haunting is uninvited. So maybe that means nostalgia is when we invite the ghost into ourselves."
  20. bookshelf envy
  21. tub love/destination love
  22. everything vibe
  23. saved for my skin as canvas thing. sketchable