The Girlfriend (part 1)

Before old age and poor memory takes a toil, let me take you on a journey on our love journey.
  1. It started when I went to meet my army buddy for a drink at Wala Wala because they were the only guys who had Kronenburg on Blanc. That was where I first met Fel
    FYI she was pretty mean and cold. We hit it off by teasing my friend. I then later ask if I could pray for her knee (pain). That's how you get a girl
  2. Nothing happened. I added her on Facebook, tried to talk to her more by pretending a friend was looking for a producer. Our conversations were periodic.
    I was a mess, looking for conversations with girls on tinder. Trying out that mojo. I was telling this other girl that I had feelings for them
  3. We were planning for our friend's party which didn't work out. She invited me to join them for drinks at her party. I skipped because I had TGIF and I had a shoot the next day. After my shoot the next day, we went for dinner at Popeyes in Century.
    I spoke with an accent, proper sentences and lots of gusto.
  4. It followed with a rescue mission to Chinatown. And many many many trips to Arnold's Chicken
  5. We went for Caracal together. Rocked it with our little steps and bobbing.
  6. Lots of love for this young lady
    Couldn't stop looking at her lips.
  7. Christmas Eve! Took me through her growing up days, told me I was a silver lining, and had a bottle of moscato together.
    I resisted kissing this girl after a few drinks. I watched as we converse and her lips moved. I turned my attention back to the pile of Christmas cards
  8. After a couple of "litmus paper" test, I finally pulled the move. A spontaneous trip to Malacca, and some GoT had me telling her that I might really like her. Coupled that with hot tea, long walks and crazy adventures. I couldn't help but feel attracted to her and her alluring beauty.
  9. Till the next episode of Team A&F.