Guilty pleasures

strange, but also questionable fascinations of mine.
  1. Tornado footage
    So much technology, still no cure for these...
  2. Nuclear bomb and radiation films
    How little was actually understood before we started throwing city sized Haddukens amazes me.
  3. The effects of radiation poisoning
    How we discovered what radiation does, and our mind boggling choice to continue to use it...for anything.
  4. Hoarders
    The T.V. show that interestingly shows the manifestations in reality that reflect the mind of a hoarder.
  5. Public flip outs
    Because how can you not?
  6. Sunday secrets
    A website that publishes anonymous postcards of secrets every Sunday.
  7. Banned commercials
    Ads deemed inappropriate to air.
  8. Pictures taken moments before disaster
    Happy moments before bad things happened.