Non-celebrity in person crushes. Elementary school and middle only. I kept a diary from age 5 on so these are well documented. I found this list bizarrely satisfying to make.
  1. Simeon Davis
    My longest crush. Age 5- age 11. He dated my friend Mika instead of me. I was full of angst. Now a lingerie designer last I googled
  2. Jeff Burger
    We actually "dated" for a month which consisted of me going to his house to play street fighter.
  3. Matthew Cawley
    He had floppy hair and made out with my best friend Tiffany who was tall and had giant boobs. We are still friendly to this day
  4. Dash Talbot
    My first crush around age 3. My best friend's brother. Randomly he and the above crush are best friends though I didn't make that connection until much later in life
  5. Taro Hart
    Mickey Hart's son. We dated 3 weeks at camp before he dumped me for not kissing him with tongue. Also I was a little cuckoo. Did get a drum lesson from his dad though
  6. Ben Gucciardi
    Runs something called "soccer without borders" and looks like a legit good guy via Facebook stalking
  7. Benjamin Bass
    I think he liked baseball
  8. Chris Rice
    Randomly Anne Rice's son. I never had a shot
  9. Cian
    Can't remember his last name but he had lots of freckles and red hair
  10. Dion Jolley
    A total troublemaker.
  11. Mark Weiner
    Nicknamed "Grub" at camp. We kissed once. He was constantly in denial about how his last name is pronounced. He's now a music producer.