Requested list
  1. It was initially called "You're the Best"
  2. Nathan Fillion was cast as Edgar but was fired after the table read.
  3. Chris (Jimmy) has a fake British accent. He's from Detroit
  4. Stephen (creator of the show) lets me watch casting tapes and pick the guest cast
  5. The sex scenes are real
  6. Kether's (Lindsay) boobs have their own salary.
  7. My boobs went on strike in protest
  8. They forced me to die my hair red
  9. The cast doesn't talk in real life so they split screen most of our scenes. We do this on Instagram too. A PR person edits our photos together so it looks like we are hanging out.
  10. Allan (Paul) stopped eating solid food when he moved to LA
  11. Sam, Shitstain and Honey Nutz started as a James Taylor cover band.