It was my first time exploring here. Definitely coming back
  1. Dark Matter Coffee
    Truly special. Delicious, inventive and guys that own and run it are so awesome. They describe coffee varietals in weed terms.
  2. Half Acre Brewery
    There are tons of amazing breweries in Chicago, I became the most familiar with this one
  3. Food
    I ate my face off. Some of my favs. Little Goat, (the pork belly pancake and the boozy milkshake) Publican Quality Meats (the brisket!), Big Star (the tacos), Lou Malnati's (my first deep dish) Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits (obvious)
  4. The Airport
    They don't mark up heavily!! What's a 3 dollar banana at JFK or LAX is 1 dollar. I got a delicious lunch for 6 bucks.
  5. Great Vintage
    The Midwest has the best vintage shopping and I didn't do nearly enough here but window shopped a lot and it looks dope.
  6. Chicago Pride
    There is such a strong identity here. It gets broken into neighborhoods but it's a powerful feeling in general
  7. A Certain Secret Tiki Bar
    That's all I can say about that