Places to Love in LA

I used to hate LA. NY is still home but here are some things that I love around the city of angels. Still exploring. Add your favs.
  1. Jitlada
    Super spicy Thai. Giant menu. Southern specialties. Owner named Jazz who is a great character. Original Simpsons drawings everywhere are a bonus.
  2. Otherwild
    Great local artists and oddball gifts. Bought my bath mat there
  3. El Huarache Azteca
    4 dollars will get you my fav- chorizo Huarache. I go once a week. At least.
  4. Great indie book stores
    Book Soup and Skylight Books are my favs
  5. Croft Alley
    Hidden daytime restaurant in weho with A+ food and totally relaxed environment. Had a meeting there once and fell in love with the cauliflower grilled cheese
  6. Shopclass
    Fave antiques store
  7. Donut Friend
    Speculoos donut
  8. Fryman
    Much more shaded than Runyon. Also less shade thrown than Runyon. There's a secret rainforest on one of the paths...
  9. Outdoor movies
    There are so many options. Cinespia is great but Eat See Hear has bands and food trucks!
  10. Sunset 5 Sunset Cinemas
    Always has great indie movies. 21+ because they serve alcohol.
  11. Jonathan Gold
    Only food critic to receive a Pulitzer. Writes for LA Times. Go wherever he recommends.
  12. Topanga
    Just follow @Grosstastic for more about this magical area
  13. The Broad
    Okay, I haven't been yet but it looks amazing.
  14. The Getty
    Damned spectacular art museum with mind-blowingly beautiful architecture, grounds, and views. Pay $15 for parking, but admission is free so bring a crew (The Getty Villa is awesome as well — classical art, but you have to make a reservation to attend even though it's free)
    Suggested by   @dreadpiratemama
  15. Temescal Canyon Loop
    Hands down the best hiking in LA. Out in the Palisades, the air quality is superior and the ocean views are stellar. Great mix of shaded tree trail, hills to work your butt, and bursts of uncovered sunny spots
    Suggested by   @dreadpiratemama
  16. Father's Office
    Only acceptable to attend the original, the tiny cubby hole of a place on Montana Ave in Santa Monica. Excellent beer, burgers, and small plates. Go wait in line when it opens
    Suggested by   @dreadpiratemama
  17. The Wellesbourne on Pico
    Great drinks, upbeat vibe (they have foosball tables in there as well), and you're surrounded by many leather bound books.
    Suggested by   @taylormorley
  18. Wildlife Learning Center
    Technically in Sylmar. You can pet a sloth. I repeat: YOU CAN PET A SLOTH! (Also see and learn about lots of other cool/adorable wildlife. Did I mention the sloth?)
    Suggested by   @Salomon