Requested by Holly

Things I Remember Most Vividly About My Childhood

Requested list. I went with age 13 and below memories and just quickly wrote out the first things that came to mind.
  1. Finding my teeth that the tooth fairy had "taken"
  2. Mom throwing a metronome at dad
  3. Humping my girlfriends
    FYI this auto-corrected to "jumping" 6 times before I could make it "humping"
  4. Castro street parades out my window
  5. Jaisa- the neighbor we basically adopted
  6. The smell of Vanilla
  7. Trying to dig a tunnel in a friend's yard
  8. Asking mom if getting her period hurt and not believing her that bleeding wasn't painful
  9. Reading under the covers when I was supposed to be asleep.
  10. The parade of my parents' boyfriends/girlfriends who were in and out of my life and the confusion about why they didn't want to talk to me when the relationship with mom or dad was over
  11. Singing in Girls Chorus
    I know so many church songs for a nice Jewish girl.
  12. Hating broccoli.. And all vegetables
  13. Simeon Davis
    See childhood crush list
  14. Being told I had knobby knees
    I wore pants for the next 10 years