1. The last 6 months of my life have been filled with extremes;
  2. Unwavering resentment. Weeks of dysphoria. Dwindling self-worth.
  3. I had not felt this sort of unhappiness in years, all stemming from an ill-fated relationship with someone I could no longer love without losing sight of my own needs.
  4. You, shielded by the moderate anonymity of an online profile and fueled by the comfort of having no expectations, reached out with a simple 'hello'.
  5. I quickly learned we had a lot of positive things in common:
  6. We have similar tastes in music.
  7. We don't like being stagnant.
  8. We both love tackling an intangible problem.
  9. We yearn to never forget what our personal legends are.
  10. I know you owe me nothing.
  11. And I don't want your pity.
  12. But I do want you to know that our conversations have breathed life back into my withered heart.
  13. I found myself smiling more often. 😊
  14. You've helped remind me that I AM indeed capable of showing empathy, even if it's only with words.
  15. You've reminded me, just by being your wonderful self, that not everyone is vindictive or selfish.
  16. You made me feel attractive again.
  17. And for these reasons and more, I want to say thank you.
  18. Thank you so much.
  19. I want you to understand that though you may not have meant to chase away my sadness, you've made a sizable difference...
  20. because I am hopeful again.
  21. I looked forward to hearing from you everyday, not to fill a void but because I was (and still am) intrigued and enamored by your soft-spoken wisdom.
  22. Maybe I even reveled in the fleeting notion that I could mean something to you (and maybe I still do).
  23. I feel a strange pang in my chest knowing I couldn't be more, but all I can do now is...
  24. hope that we'll remain friends indefinitely. I don't want to forget how you made me feel.
  25. And I hope to return at least a fraction of what you've given me.
  26. XO, Aya