I'm just tired of dealing with the frequent homeless people who come through the establishment I work at. And living in the boonies. And the 3 hour BART commute.
  1. Walking from Shibuya station to Harajuku.
    Takes less than 30 minutes and it's therapeutic because it's an eyegasm of so many fashion styles depending on the neighborhood. And everyone is so chic in Omotesando (long street with all the haute couture brands and people who can afford them).
  2. Kaiten-sushi aka cheap sushi served on conveyor belts.
    Before I left in 2010 I had a go-to joint near Shibuya station. The chu-toro was cheap and good.
  3. Gazing at Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills.
    And walking around Roppongi Hills in general. I always feel like an adult with her shit together when I'm there. Oh, wait I should adult more, I'm 33 fucking years old without a real job. Yikes.
  4. Staring at all the colorful snacks at Lawson and 7-eleven. And trying them all.
    After a particularly tough breakup 8 years ago, I gained over 10lbs from convenience store snacking. I didn't regret it because the relationship made me so anxious I lost so much weight and dropped 3 sizes. I hope to exude more control this time lol.
  5. Having drinks at Midtown and walking home drunk at 2 am.
    Home will be near Roppongi so I plan on not being a hermit even if it's freezing out.