Don't take this too seriously.
  1. Guys who only talk about themselves (haven't met many women who do this TBH).
    The handful I've known I'm no longer friends with. They all turned out to be judgmental and whiny. Are these common traits of a narcissist personality?
  2. Adults who claim that being easy on themselves is the best advice they've listened to.
    No successful entrepreneur OR corporate mogul has ever said this. Prove me wrong, please.
  3. Japanese people who claim they love quinoa and couscous.
    They must have been deprived of the goodness that is Koshihikari rice. Nothing beats a bowl of hot, steaming, shiny rice with purple pickles for breakfast. I'm salivating as I type this. For the record I don't dislike quinoa or couscous but why bother when Japanese rice is 🙌🏻💯?
  4. Static
    Sweet baby jesus...