I'm hoping that 6 months from now these will seem trivial. We shall see.
  1. Will I ever find a good job again?
    My sister tells me I'll be fine and that I may not find a job that meets all my expectations but I'll land something...but I don't want just any jooooob waaaah. Her bf is also my recruiter so I am blessed in that sense. Must not give up! But it's so daunting and scary.
  2. Will I fit in?
    I haven't lived in Tokyo since 2010. I've always been somewhat of a loner, but have since adopted a 'I don't give a f*** about fitting in' persona. However deep inside the crevices of my blackened heart, I worry that no one will want to befriend a wild-haired, opiniated, crunchy tech nerd who doesn't care where you got your designer purse. I promised myself I will give everyone a chance and not be so sarcastic in public. *fake grin* 😬
  3. Will I be able to walk to my interviews in the only pair of heels I own?
    I'll live in the downtown core where all the big banks are located. So although I'd like to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and cab it everywhere, I must live within my means, aka suck it up and walk everywhere and take the subway. Is it okay if I wear stylish Oxfords or cute pointy flats to job interviews? Sorry I know this is such a first world problem. I hate myself for even thinking these thoughts.
  4. Will I be forever alone?
    Am I going to find cool, genuinely warm people to befriend and possibly date? The guys I came across at bars and clubs when I lived there were interested in the very pretty, yet vapid girls. I'm neither. I've been told to tone down the opinions and blinding aura of independence. After being on my own in a relatively dangerous city for a while, I don't think I know how to tone it down.