In no particular order. I'm basically a grown-up 5-year old who hoards food and junk in my pockets.
  1. My trusty Kånken backpack. I got this as a gift from my Mom on my 32nd birthday.
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  2. Are you ready? It's a mess like me.
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  3. Contents of the front pocket: mirror, lens cloth, pens, three lip balm/chapsticks, OTC meds for every emergency (I'm severely lactose intolerant yet perilous with my dairy intake so the generic diarrhetic meds are a must), ear phones, hair ties, lollipop and my keys, duh.
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  4. Wallet. I like this size. I hate long and/or bulky wallets.
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  5. I got these yesterday. Kinda pricey at $5.99 at Walgreens, but these are the only kind that I can tie around my thick hair when it's in a bun, without it snapping. So I guess they're worth it.
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  6. Beauty stuff
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    My allergies are bananas today so I threw the Avene Intolérantes cream in my backpack so I can apply it to my nose area. Of course I'm too lazy to actually follow through. I love the Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick range. These aren't too slippery like the Revlon lip butters. This one is in Pink Light. The one on the right is Sin-A-Mon from Maybelline. It's a dusty mauve nude.
  7. Essentials: wet wipes, oil blotting paper, hand sanitizer that smells like gin tonic and a scrunchie.
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  8. Snacks!!!
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  9. More essentials in the side pocket.
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  10. iPad 2. Basically a dinosaur.
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  11. My passport
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  12. I always carry a tote in my backpack. Stole the umbrella from my old roommates in Singapore. Sorry guys. This Claritin is NOT working! I took one 3 hours ago and I'm still sneezing like a maniac. Oatmeal from my buddy at Meals on Wheels.
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  13. The End. おしまい。