In no specific order.
  1. Crazy For You - Best Coast
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    I stumbled upon this album on YouTube in the summer after my freshman year of high school and fell in love immediately. It introduced me to lo-fi and surf pop, which would satisfy my fantasies of the groovy Californian summer lifestyle until I wasn't 14 anymore and could do it for real. I spent the rest of that summer listening almost exclusively to Best Coast, and at the end of the summer, at the height of my obsession with their music, I saw them live in San Francisco on my 15th birthday.
  2. II - Crystal Castles
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    This masterpiece is what I think of when I think of electronic music of any sort. I can dance to every song and also lay in bed at night and drown in the beats, no matter how fast or slow the tempo.
  3. RIOT! - Paramore
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    Paramore was my all-time favorite from like 5th to 8th grade. There's not much to say, this album defines those years for me. Their concert, my first one without my mom (but with my stepdad's friend's wife who I had met once beforehand), was the best day of my 12-year-old life.
  4. Fallen - Evanescence
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    My first favorite! At 5 years old, Evanescence was the first band I ever liked. Introduced to me by my uncle who was a metalhead and in high school at the time, I used to (and still do) jam out to this album, somehow bypassing the darkness of the lyrics.
  5. Pies Descalzos - Shakira
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    Growing up, my mom had this album on repeat during car rides back home to the Bay from LA. I always loved the songs, but I hated that I couldn't sing along with my mom cause I didn't speak Spanish. The summer after my sophomore year, however, when I finally began to embrace my culture and took it upon myself to study Spanish, I learned this entire album by heart and fell in love with it all over again. Also, Shakira's lyrics pre-Laundry Service are much more rich and meaningful.
  6. Born To Die - Lana Del Rey
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    My freshman faggot obsession. During the summer between 8th and 9th grade, I listened exclusively to this album for two weeks. Honestly, my gay ass listened almost exclusively to Lana Del Rey for like 4 months.
  7. Manners - Passion Pit
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    This album always brings back only the best memories of freshman year - the friends I loved so much, battle of the classes, skipping class, teching for my first show. Nostalgia, for me, is defined by this glorious album by none other than Passion Pit.