1. The aggressive way white people look at menus in restaurants, planning which ridiculous demands and questions they're about to fling at the waiter
    Especially in ethnic restaurants...
  2. When I was Internet Sleuthing to find proof of a classmate's sexuality and stumbled uponan account of his on a porn site where he wrote lengthy, erotic (heterosexual) sex stories that were read by tens of thousands of people
    All during the time we were like 13-15. He had like a novel's worth of content on there!!
  3. Did you know Amy Poehler was a stoner? Amy Poehler, SNL legend, the creator of the greatest, most hilarious TV show of all time, my fucking favorite program on network television......The Mighty B!
    Okay but does anyone remember ha cartoon??? It was the shit
  4. Sweetie, I have many white friends....Ashley, Nicole, Carmit, Jessica, Kimberly, Melody
  5. Trying to explain 'She' to straights
  6. A reality show about family friends that travel together
    Inspired by the time my mom and I accompanied her friend from college to Hawaii and their family had a huge blowout on Christmas and my mom tried to be like "We're gonna go to the lobby and have di-" "No, stay here, it's fine." It was a real-life Dinner Party.
  7. Is that really how people say Los Feliz? I was saying Los Ángeles until I was like 10
  8. When my AP English teacher was taking attendance and told us, upon hearing our name, to state a typical philosophy cliché
    To which someone said, "I don't think Kelly Clarkson is a philosopher, but she said 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.'"