Yesterday was a poppin ass day from start to finish, so of course I forgot to take care of typical, daily life responsibilities. Today, I suffered the consequences. Also, the universe was feeling shady today.
  1. I woke up late.
    I was at school from 3-9 yesterday, on top of the normal 7-12 school day. It was opening night of my school's fall production, and I fell asleep with headphones on listening to Neon Indian's new album, so I slept in past my alarm. My mom woke up late too, so she didn't notice me get ready and slip out of my house.
  2. I had the shits.
    Remember when I said I was at school from 3-9 yesterday? During that time, I had 3 slices of pizza, some of the Chinese prop food, snacks from the concessions table, and milk tea. I was so tired by the end I never went to the bathroom. This is how I got past my mom in the morning, cause I was dying in the downstairs bathroom that nobody uses.
  3. My outfit is a mess.
    In a rush, and also a shortage of clean clothes, I chose the tightest, most slim fitting shirt, which made me insecure all day cause I don't like my stomach, and also the baggiest cargo shorts, for my legs which I try to accentuate cause they're my favorite part of my body (because I used to bike everywhere all the time.) I looked like a disproportionate mess all day.
  4. I got a shitty score on an essay I thought I slayed.
    I thought I created a valid argument about how Matilda's ownership of her telekinesis and women's ownership of La Virgen de Guadalupe through worshipping her factors into their sense of selves and their identity. But apparently, my thesis was difficult to comprehend and other shit that I know I did wrong but I thought would be overshadowed by the other great things I had. My peers gave me a 6, but my teacher gave me a 4.
  5. Johnson checked homework.
    Mr. Johnson is my AP Stats teacher, who literally checks homework a handful of times a year, and I assumed I'd be safe cause I was so tired from the show last night. Well, today was one of those days. Of course today was the day. And he checked our shit thoroughly today. Even on other times he's checked, he's just checked for effort, not even caring to look at the backside. But today, of all days, he made sure we finished for credit.
  6. I forgot my black tech shoes.
    Because I went home to change out of my skin tight shirt.
  7. The final prop that I was missing for this show went missing.
    I'm props master for this show, and I've managed to clutch every prop from somewhere, except gold bracelets. Until someone brought them minutes before the show yesterday, which are now not only gone, but were called out on yesterday by my director because it was the only thing that was mimed. Luckily though, someone reluctantly volunteered her hoop earrings as a substitute.
  8. I cut my finger with a prop.
    We have two iron wire sponges because I didn't have a clean sponge to bring in. They got tangled together, and in trying to separate them, I slashed my finger.