Things said by cousin Osman, featuring several of his favourite acronyms.
  1. 905:
    1) a suburb of Toronto; 2) bridge and tunnel, unchic
  2. Al Dente:
    Literal translation “to the tooth.” Pasta that is firm to the bite; Os’s preferred style of spaghetti (see SpagBog.
  3. Directional:
    Extremely fashionable; forward-thinking
  4. H2T:
    Head to toe
  5. Oh My Days:
    An antiquated expression of disbelief.
  6. P.O.C.:
    Point of Concern
  7. SpagBog:
    Spaghetti Bolognese
  8. Make a Cameo (camcam):
    verb; to make a brief appearance, usually at an event or party
  9. M.R.C.:
    Mixed Race Couple
  10. M.R.F.:
    Mixed Race Friend
  11. N.B.T
    Next big thing
  12. V.M.K:
    Very Mary-Kate (Olsen)
  13. V.V.B:
    Very very Brooklyn