In honour of turning 25 next month time, a list of all my misadventures in my 24th year, ranked by order of idiocy.
  1. Losing my credit card twice in three weeks
  2. Locking myself out of my house three times
    Although I only lost my keys once this year! Still- didn't sleep in my bed for three nights.
  3. Changing my flight from New York to London because I was too hungover
  4. Leaving my phone behind in New York after said flight
    Thanks @alexisgabriela for sending it back to me!
  5. Buying EasyJet tickets for the wrong day to France
    Having to re-buy tickets the night before. Probably the biggest waste of money on this list.
  6. And the most stupid thing I have done this year: walking into a canal.
    I have no explanation, it was just stupid.