Cool Things From Now That Will Inevitably Be Uncool One Day

  1. Skinny jeans
    Flare jeans are fucking making a comeback and I'm stressing because honestly, not sure I look great it em but like 3 years, we're going to be saying they're so comfy because that's how fashion works, dudes
  2. Ombré hair
    This is our mullet
  3. Contouring
    I won't say anything more
  4. When people make their eyebrows gradient
    I do this weird thing that I can't unsee where it just looks like a unibrow to me??
  5. Eyebrows in general
    The trend is thick right now but we all know it's going to go back to skinny eventually. No one wants to admit it but eyebrows work in cycles.
  6. Living in Brooklyn
    Gentrification works in cycles too??
  7. Weird coffee culture
  8. (Seriously)
    Spending like $8 for some siphon drip weirdo thing is weird it just is I love coffee but like it is
  9. The List App ):
    Love all u early adopters but we all know the posers are eventually gonna come flooding in that's how it works (I chose a cool pic of BJ out of respect)