My Train Ride Back to New York

A journey......of sorts...
  2. Had some dope hot cocoa to kick off the ride
  3. I found a nice window seat ALONE (score..)
  4. Worked on a group presentation
  5. Very nice tunes via Spotify recommended radio
    They honestly did very well
  6. Try to connect to train wifi for like 10 mins and finally do yikes
  7. A girl joins me but I don't mind
  8. Made eyes w a very handsome man who is very my type?
    Aka older, taller than me (cause I'm 5'8 maybe 9 w docs on idk), glasses, dark hair, definitely not a writer or artist (too clean!), probably Jewish?
  9. Reflected on some thangs
    Life, friendship, my fear of commitment, how much I love my dad, that yummy pretzel I got!
  10. We stop in providence and I'm like 'dope, perfect chance to get this pretz'
  12. Girl leaves, I go out to get that sweet (and still warm) Aunty Anne's bby!
  14. This dumb BOY as I'm reaching up to get my bag this boy asks me to move it and I'm like yeah but I have trouble
  15. He's getting all pissy I'm fumbling more bc of the pressure I start spacing out like its bad
  16. It's like25 seconds but he makes me feel like it's an hour!
  17. All of a sudden everyone's freaking looking at me
  18. I freeze,like stone cold man
    I'm a comedian and it's weird because that's essentially all about having eyes on you but maybe I'm ok with that because 1) I can control it 2) that's something in the service of others imo. Everyone here was just gonna watch me get my pretzel!! It was too much to deal with IDK
  19. So my frantic self decides the best course of action is that I lie and pull a cardigan out my bag
    I CLEARLY don't need it btw I'm so layered up (and honestly look kinda cute)
  20. Sit back in my seat
    I look cool as a cucumber but I'm still buggin
  21. New girl joins
  22. Absolutely no hope for that pretz
  23. I pass out so hard
  24. I wake back up and start to work again
  25. Try to watch izombie (dope show, Netflix y'all)--CAN'T because of train wifi
  26. Fuck it. I'm getting this pretzel
  27. Pretzel was a salty beauty. Not as good as it would've been hot but still great flavor gosh.
  28. I wonder if 10 year old me would be ok with this. I'm working on a script and eating a pretzel idk dude.
  29. Having a moment.
  30. Thinking about my future (man/boytoy/ex-fiancé??) in the probably Jewish dude who in turn is sitting like right behind me
  31. And then I write this list
  33. 2 more stops to New York
  34. There's nothing like a pretzel the salt is in still in my mouth
  35. I love amtrak uniforms the hats are very cute and remind me of Grand Budapest Hotel
  36. Curating the heck out of this list
  37. I think about Mitch Hedburg very very briefly
  39. The debate begins: work or play
  40. I can't do my screenplay cause I'm in my head too much
  41. I finish the group project
  42. I'm mad because I realize the reason my script is stalled
    I didn't consider the characters even though that's usually always my first step and honestly I want to scrap it but that's worse and I need to finish it so I can grow IDK
  43. Watch iZombie
  44. NEW YORK
  45. Spilled water on my jacket earlier and didn't notice and the right sleeve is wet
  46. I fuckin look at that dumb boy and end up smiling cause I can't be mean even if I want to and I think it's funny
  47. My ex-fiancé is GONE
  48. I fantasize about our relationship that never was and never will be where we fall so deep in love and our families are like will this work culturally it's too different and we're like yeah! But actually they were right all along so we break up before the wedding
  49. I peace out
  50. I head home
  51. Gn!