1. Be proud of my work
  2. Make sure I don't waste my days
    I hate waking up in the afternoons and being lazy like being alive is a weird, dope gift that I refuse to waste
  3. See more plays
    I never got to see plays growing up like both of my parents were working class immigrants so just because of location, culture, money--theater was not a thing. Now I'm in New York and surrounded by all this great stuff and also probably studying playwriting? I want to take advantage of it all!!
  4. Teach my mom how to google
    This is imperative
  5. Try to start working out maybe
    This is more for health because my body is truly deteriorating and at a faster rate than I ever expected
  6. Read more
    I've been reading a lot recently and I remembered why I love it so I've got to make time to do that more
  7. Just ride the wave
    We're all bouncing on this weird life ball together, ups and downs, so I'm just gonna enjoy it and enjoy the people I'm with and ride this mess out and try to have a dope time doing it peace!!!