Why 'Regulate' by Warren G and Nate Dogg Is One of the Greatest Songs Known to Man

This song makes me so emotional please just take a listen and appreciate the song. If it alone cannot prove its greatness to you, I hope my list can help
  1. First, take a listen
  2. Have you listened?
  3. Even if you know the song I really think it'd be good to listen
  4. Seriously, I hope you have
  5. Ok let's begin
  6. The arrangement wow
    We took this beautiful sample and we add an insane quote from Young Guns, this beat, this whistle(MORE LATER) and it's just gold. It's musical gold.
  7. The song structure
    The whole back and forth between Warren G and Nate Dogg is just masterful and such a great way to tell this story
  8. Genre
    G-funk, baby. Doesn't get better than that.
  9. The creation of this song
    These two dudes from two rivaling companies came together to make this masterpiece. Just because they liked the track and wanted to do something together. If you don't think that's beautiful I don't know what to say.
  10. The sample
    The sample is Michael McDonald's I Keep Forgetting and I almost don't want to say more but guys, that's one of Warren G's favorite songs and that's just such a great thing?? Like even hard core and iconic rappers like Michael McDonald
  11. The whistle??
    This whistle is iconic. Everyone knows this whistle. Everyone does. I can't talk about this anymore? You know this whistle? You do. You have to know this whistle. Or at least it feels familiar. I'm done. This whistle!
  12. Warren G's lyrical prowess
    Fantastic lyrics, fantastic flow, I'll do some highlights later but Warren just makes listening mandatory. You're hooked!
  13. Nate Dogg just provided everything he needs to
    One of the best features on a song ever imo. Nate Dogg is just such a beautiful hallmark of everything that's good about the 90's and G funk. He delivers lines like "these hookers lookin so hard they straight hit the curb" and "I let my gat explode" in a way that only he could and btw in this song he SAVES WARREN G'S LIFE BTW? But more on that later??
  14. The STORY
    This is probably one of the most notable storybook rap songs just because it actually has a story and it tells it (think Slick Rick - Children's Story) but behind this story is also a great allegory (this one about societal burdens and the blessing that is the G-funk genre). This story also combines old and new with G-funk, the gangsta tradition, etc etc
  15. Contrast
    This song wouldn't be successful as it is if there weren't so many interesting points of contrast--things that should cause conflict but don't. Ex: Warren and Nate's vocal stylings and delivery, the violence but inevitable poetry of a lot of the lyrics, light whistle of the ocarina to heavy bass, etc!
  16. The song uses an ocarina guys. Nuts.
  17. Top notch lyrics as listed below
  18. "If I had wings I would fly~"
    Warren G truly says this is the most beautiful way and I love the thought that this gangster is literally in the middle of a stick up and he thinks something so simple yet beautiful and poetic?
  19. Nate Dogg and Warren G had to regulate
    They HAD to.
  20. Back up back up cause it's on
    Flow of this is fantastic. Another example of Warren adding some fun into this ultimately jarring and intense song??
  21. N-A-T-E and me, the Warren to the G
    This is an OPEN CALL. If anyone has a 4 letter name (@rsilverman I'm looking at you) and wants to work out some sort of intro with me? I'd really appreciate it. Because I am Ayo to the E. I think there's promise here. Idk. I digress.
  22. I said oooh~ I like your size
    Nate Dogg hits on this girl so blatantly and I have to give him props for that it's honestly funny. And vocally he's doing some dope things right now. This whole part for him is really showcasing the best of his voice
  23. "Chords. Strings. We brings. Melody. G funk.
    Warren is letting us know. Another point for great flow btw.
  24. The characters
    Nate Dogg and Warren G are so different fundamentally but are drawn together by their lifestyles and it's so great
  25. The very handsome and smooth Warren G
  26. But really guys lol
  27. 💕
  28. Anyways, we also have
  29. Plain as hell, stone faced Nate Dogg
    Literally his face is like this throughout the ENTIRE music video.
  30. Btw he gets SO many girls??
    This is the most emotion on his face we ever see and it's probably because he doesn't understand this either. Like way more than Warren G? His face has no expression he doesn't even TRY
  31. Also Nate Dogg refers to himself in the third person a LOT! and that makes me laugh!
    Just trying to figure out who this character is. I do love him. It's just...Nate Dogg. Who are you? (Nate Dogg actually passed away in 2011 and it's very sad but it seems like he was really trying to get his life together and I admire that and I love that he left this behind because wow guys. Regulate? Mhm.)
  32. It's a part of the Above The Rim Soundtrack
    Pretty good movie with a REALLY good soundtrack. P.S. Tupac acting! P.P.S. Wood Harris aka Avon Barksdale for my Wire people is also in this movie. P^3.S. This movie isn't that great, soundtrack is better, but cast is fantastic.
  33. The music video
    Last item, folks. Just would love for you to watch this vid. So well done. So 90's. It's also got all of the 90's censoring so it's really fun seeing what got past the radar and what didn't. Like the "cold" in "bodies turn cold" is censored. I love it.
  34. Music vid link
  35. Oral history link
  36. Genius lyrics page link
  37. I love this song???
  38. !!!
  39. I do.
  40. I spent maybe 3 days creating this list
  41. Probably because I love this song
  42. I love this song!