I think most of them might be obvious...hoping they would have a good back story behind them as well.
  1. - I'm a big fan of back to the future and recently attended an event where they recreated the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. Here's me in the time machine parked outside the dance. Fantasy became reality this night. Thank you @bobbyhundreds
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  2. - here's my brother with @jeffstaple To see my baby bro getting the chance to meet someone who inspires him makes me happy.
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  3. - my grandfather "papa junior" this is him having breakfast at the same diner we've been going to since I was 5. Just him and I and he would give me all these life lessons.
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  4. - my dad, brother and I. One of the first days of my brother and I living in LA. Seems like we all decided to get the same haircut....kinda
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  5. - I just got home in time.... maybe around 2am to my family for Jon's graduation after a long travel day. My cousin just bought me a selfie stick and here's me putting it to use. Notice everyone's still in their PJs ...everyone woke up to give me a warm welcome home :)
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