These are books that I read multiple times and are always on my iBooks app
  1. Kite Runner
    Just such a good book and it made me reflect so much. I made my mum read it and she felt the same as me, despite our generational difference we could both relate.
  2. Gone Girl
    Just completely unseen twists
  3. Rachel's holiday
    I didn't buy this book I downloaded it because it was free but it is not what I expected. You go through a journey with Rachel.
  4. Penal Colony
    Took me a bit longer to get through this book but it is very good and very intricate. It is like a Lord of the Flies but for adults.
  5. The Great Gatsby
    Downloaded just before the film came out because of the hype I'd heard about it. At first reading I thought it was overrated but the following year I studied it at school and obvs the film came out and now I just think the language Fitzgerald uses is so beautiful.
  6. In the woods
    Again another free book download, not as mysterious as Gone Girl but it's still good in its own way.