Save yourself the trouble and take these off your list. Life's too short. And hey, it's one way of "ticking things off".😎
  1. Visiting Machu Picchu.
    The most touristic site in South America yet not even anywhere close to being the best one. Save yourself the hurried walk through the ruins (along with the hundreds of other people up there with you) and go to Angkor Wat instead. Yes, it's also on bucket lists but, unlike Machu Picchu, it truly delivers.
  2. Skydiving.
    Go bungee jumping instead. Unlike skydiving, nobody will be pushing you off that ledge in a bungee jump. It's all down to you and that is where the real thrill lies.
  3. Running a marathon.
    So, this one isn't completely from experience as I haven't run a marathon myself. I have run a half marathon though and that's enough to know there's no good reason to be running 26 miles "for fun". Or 13 miles. We all know it's pretty achievable for most people (just look at how many complete one while dressed in some ridiculous superhero outfit) so "pushing yourself" not all that believable a reason and, let's face it, there are far better ways to see a city.