Random thoughts while watching a ship transit through the Miraflores Locks part of the Panama Canal...
  1. God, this is slow.
    And I mean painfully slow. Turns out filling locks with water and raising ships up and down isn't quite as fast in reality as in computer animations.
  2. Yet, people are fascinated.
    The crush to get a photo of a cargo ship slowly going through a narrow canal is quite something. Will that thrilling iPad video of the ship being pulled along at snail's pace ever be watched again? I wonder.
  3. This has been here over 100 years.
    100 years. 100. The human race, man.
  4. I wonder what will be here 100 years from now.
    100 years ago I doubt the engineer would've anticipated some random British girl would be watching ships transit through his engineering marvel while eating an Oreo icecream and connected to the "internet" through on-site wifi. Who will be sitting here 100 years on? Doing what? Pretty sure the canal will still be there....
  5. Has any other country been created for engineering reasons?
    Panama essentially exists because the U.S. wanted to build the canal and supported Panama's independence from Colombia provided that the project occurred (that's what one would call "simplification of history" ;)). Does any other country have such an odd creation history?
  6. Why is it so freaking hot?
    For whatever reason I didn't really associate Panama with hot, humid weather year around. A mistake. This is definitely a tropical Latin American country albeit with some strange US cultural streaks running through it (Baseball? Really, Panama?!)
  7. Despite my cynicism, this is really quite an engineering marvel.
    I might not understand the iPad videos but really, to think of when this was built and how, and to know the significance of the canal to world trade now? Wow. Engineering, eh.