No particular order
  1. Fierce Grape
    If you don't like Fierce Grape Gatorade, you're a bizarre individual.
  2. Cool Blue
    Just simply classic
  3. Any Lemonade Flavor
    Why they were discontinued is beyond me
  4. Any "X-Factor" Flavor
    Another throwback here. When G decided to mix 2 flavors, it was a phenomenal idea.
  5. Mango
    A rarity, but very delicious
  6. Fruit Punch
    Best of the 3 classic flavors. Orange is a close second. Lemon-Lime is just gross
  7. *Honorable Mention* Strawberry Lemonade Powerade
    While not Gatorade, this is the only flavor of Powerade that should even be made. Otherwise, bring back All-Sport