Mainly for my brother's co-worker
  1. 15 World Championships
    Need I say more
  2. Hart has the charisma level of Stump from Angry Beavers
    Couldn't cut a promo unless it was about how great Canada was. Which no one is trying to hear anyway
  3. Needed already established stars to have great matches
    HBK, Stone Cold, Mr. Perfect, Benoit, Owen. The Hitman needed other great in-ring performers to have great matches. Flair could go with just about anyone and could make anyone (like Sting)
  4. Gimmick
    The Rolex wearing Flair has a phenomenal gimmick of a rich, successful, white collar man in a predominantly southern poor man's sport. Meanwhile Hart was just a great technician who was Canadian and wore sunglasses and pink... How exciting.
  5. Level of rivalries
    Other than Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold, Hart's rivalries were average at best. Meanwhile Flair had one of the greatest feuds of all time with Dusty Rhodes, and many other classics such as The Dragon, Sting, HHH, HBK, and Hogan.
  6. Factions
    The Horsemen are the greatest faction of all time, mainly because of Flair. And Evolution was also clearly better than the Hart Foundation